Zapata's Mexican Party Bar

It's simple:

  • Great Drinks
  • Awesome Music
  • Epic Food
  • Parties & Adventure
Zapata's Party
Ladies Night Zapata's China

So, in June of 2004, the first Zapata's opened on Hengshan Rd in Shanghai.

Zapata's quickly became the hot spot for sipping great margaritas or drinking from a yard, playing the songs you love, dancing shot girls, fresh Mexican food and ridiculous times. Where people of all backgrounds mix together, dance and go crazy – expats, university students, old hands and new – with nights stretching to 5am.

With business booming, we decided it was time to share Zapata's with more people. A lot more people, in more places.

And today, you can get your fiesta on across China - experience authentic Mexican hospitality and party atmosphere. Where everyone's a Rockstar!

Ladies Night Zapata's China